Windows XP vs. Ubuntu Install

There is a knock on Linux for years that it is difficult to impossible to install.  I am here to challenge that myth.  I was a devoted Windows user for many years until I got sick of the high prices, viruses, spyware, OS slowdown, etc.  I tried out Mandrake Linux a couple of years back and found it to somewhat difficult to use.  It was OK for surfing the net and that but for not much else.  It had a buggy OpenOffice 1.1 and no Firefox.  I found it a huge pain to install Firefox and get Java2 SDK installed.  Over time I basically stopped using it.  I used to think Linux was mostly a hobbyist OS, but it has matured.

I then discovered Ubuntu.  Gone were the horrific software installs, gone were figuring out dependencies, gone was the headache of getting Java up and running.

I am getting off on a tangent, so I will get back to the point of the page, installing each OS.

I will start with Windows XP and then go on to Ubuntu.  The following installs were done on my desktop PC.

Installing Windows XP

I always thought installing Windows XP (XP from now on) was easy until I actually sat down and thought about it.  When you actually get right down to it XP is a pain to install.  Here is my take on XP installation.

Installing Ubuntu 6.10

I have read from various websites that Linux is very hard to install and Windows is far easier.  Man was I scared as Windows took about 3 hrs to get it fully going, so I guess I was in for an 8 hr job with Ubuntu.  Think again.


I thought Linux was supposed to be far more difficult to install than Windows.  Well things turned out a little differently.  I only had to go to one place to download all my applications that were not installed by default.  I also noticed that the Ubuntu install was only 2.5GB while XP was around 6GB.  I wonder why XP is so much larger but yet has very little software installed?  Code bloat maybe.  I thought maybe the GUI for XP far better but Ubuntu has a very nice GUI of its own.

As you can see that XP users will be downloading a lot of open source free software.  I shudder to think of what you would spend if you purchased all that productivity software.  Is this not the same open source software that XP people say is bad but yet will still use?  Seems rather hypocritical.  Windows users by far and large tout the immense abilities of all the software that XP has, but don't want to spend the money on it.  They end up getting pirated copies or use the free stuff.  Seriously, I do believe that Photoshop has more functionality than The Gimp.  For $800 Photoshop better.  Microsoft Office is a little better than  For $300 it too should be.

Now mind you this was to show that Ubuntu was easier to get up and running that XP.  

I will say that XP is still the king of gaming because of DirectX.

As far as mp3 ripping for XP you need media player 10 and Ubuntu needs the medibuntu codecs.  Encrypted DVD playing in XP is taken care of by media player 10, Ubuntu again uses the medibuntu codecs for this task.  Ubuntu plays unencrypted DVDs out of the box.

I hope that you can see that Linux is in fact easier to install than XP by a long shot.  Ubuntu has far better hardware support than XP as well so more of your favorite hardware just works.  I hope you enjoyed this article.