Transform Ubuntu into OS X Leopard

Want to make your Ubuntu install look like OS X Leopard?  Don't want to pay Apple the $2,000 for a Mac Book?  I can help you.

Ubuntu's Gnome GUI is extremely customizable.  With themes, icons, cursors, etc., you can have that OS X Leopard look without the OS X Leopard price.

Follow the steps.

1.  Download the tarball archive containing the OS X Leopard theme, cursors, login screen, icons, splash screen here.  The tutorial assumes you have downloaded the archive to your home folder.

2.  Unpack the archive in your home directory as the commands I have in the following steps assume the proper files are there.  To unpack the archive use the following in a terminal:

3.  Install OS X Leopard theme.  Note on Feisty and older use System--->Preferences--->Theme.  Gutsy and newer use System--->Preferences--->Appearance and click the Theme tab.

4. Install OS X icons

5.  Install the OS X cursors

6.  Install the OS X login screen (Login screens are generally referred to Gnome Display Manager or GDM)

7.  Install the OS X fonts

8.  Change the login splash screen

9.  Change you boot up splash screen to an OS X theme.

10.   Change Firefox skin to a Safari theme here.  I have found that the iFox Metal theme give the best OS X look.  Another good OS X for Firefox called VFox can be gotten here.

You now have a Gnome desktop that looks very much like OS X Leopard.  Make sure to remove the old archives from your home directory as they are no longer needed.

Another great OS X theme for Gnome is the Mac4Lin project over at

I hope this helps.