Share Printers with Ubuntu

Ever wanted to share a printer that was hooked up to an Ubuntu box?  It is actually very easy.  Follow my procedure below.  This procedure works for Ubuntu Feisty/Edgy/Dapper which use gnome-cups-manager.  Ubuntu Gutsy and Hardy use a different print manager called system-config-printer.  This procedure will also allow you to connect to a printer on an Ubuntu box from a Windows XP/Vista machine.  Samba is not necessary.  This procedure is not needed for printers with built in LAN but for printers hooked up via USB or parallel connection.

FIrst launch Ubuntu's printing wizard by going to:


Once the Printers window is up and running select:

Global Settings---> Share Printers (Dapper/Edgy/Feisty)
Server Settings---> Share published printers connected to this system (Gutsy and Hardy)

You might be greeted by a warning that this will open port 631 and a possible security risk.  Click OK, you will be prompted by having to enter your administrator password.  This is normal.  You now have all your printers shared.

Next step is to go to either your Ubuntu or Windows box and select the shared printer.  We will assume that you are using Ubuntu.

Double click on New Printer to launch the Gnome CUPS add printer function.  Select the Network Printer option and then select the IPP Printer or printer on CUPS server (IPP) option.  You will then need to add a URL into the URI box.  The syntax to add a printer is as follows:

http://hostname:631/printers/<printer name>

hostname - the printer host PC IP address on the network.  It is recommended that you assign the PC a static IP address in the Network Settings under System---> Administration--->Network.  This will assure that the PC that is sharing the printer will not be assigned another IP by your router.

printer name - the EXACT name of the printer that the hosting Ubuntu PC has given the printer.  

Lets say for argument that the printer you are wanting to share is called Laserjet-1000 and the host PC has an IP address of

Here is what you will need to type in the URI box.  Remember these terms are case sensitive.  This will also work for a Windows XP/Vista box.

After this step is done proceed on to the printer selection and driver.  That is all there is to it.

Happy printing.  Remember the host PC must be powered on and a user logged in.

I hope this helps.