Create PDF Files using cups-pdf

Note: This tutorial is for Ubuntu versions Feisty and older.  The cups-pdf package is now a default install since Gutsy.  

The PDF printer is installed by default.  Also many Ubuntu applications have a Print to File in the Print menu.  This allows you to create a PDF file as well.  This process is similar to Windows users installing and using PDFCreator.

If you have Feisty or earlier then proceed.  Note that many of the older Ubuntu versions the repositories have been removed.

PDF creation with Ubuntu is actually very easy.  Since .pdf files are open source Ubuntu has several ways to create and view .pdf files.  As you may or may not know has a way to create .pdf files via the use of the Export PDF function.  Well what if you want to create a .pdf file from a web page, text editor or some other application that does not support PDF creation.  No fear there is a package in Ubuntu called CUPS PDF.  To install CUPS PDF simply type the following line in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

This will the CUPS PDF printer driver.  Now we just need to install the printer driver.  To do that follow these steps.
That is it.  When you go to print something you will select the postscript color printer and then print.  The .pdf file will be saved in your ~/PDF folder.

I hope this helps.