Speed up your Internet with OpenDNS

I discovered a fantastic way to speed up your internet access.  There are many on the Ubuntu forums that have complained about slow internet access (myself included).  It was driving me crazy.  I disabled ipv6 and that did not work.  Worse was that Windows XP was not having the same slowdown.  I was almost furious.  I then was reading the Ubuntu forums and there were members that tried using openDNS and reporting big speed boosts.  I figured what the heck, I have nothing to lose.  I tried and I am a believer.  I have laid out a simple procedure to enable openDNS on your machine using either a router or directly in Ubuntu.  This will also work in Windows as well.

Go to

Use their DNS nameservers listed below.

Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

Log into your router by typing (my Linksys router for example) and put these nameservers in your router in the area where it read Static DNS1 and Static DNS2.  After you enter the number click on Save Settings.  You will need to reboot your PC.  When you come back online you are off to the races. Websites will pop up with speed you did not think your connection had.

If you don't use a router (which you should), then go to System--->Administration--->Network and then select the DNS tab. Write down your old DNS numbers for your records.  Click add and then use the ones I have listed above  Reboot your PC and you are going to be amazed. To test if you are hooked up to openDNS go to the following link:


The webpage will let you know if you are hooked up correctly.

I hope this helps.  It sure helped me.