Feisty Multiple Sound Card Issue

There is an issue that has seemed to spring up with Feisty.  If you have multiple sound cards then this may help you.  My desktop system has two sound cards:

1.  VIA 8237 Onboard Sound
2.  Soundblaster Audigy 2 PCI

For some reason Feisty wanted to use the  onboard sound card even though the Gnome Volume Control app said that the Audigy 2 was selected.  I was perplexed.  Even though I disabled the onboard sound in the motherboard's BIOS Ubuntu still wanted to use the VIA.   After a bit of Googling I was able to get the proper information from the Ubuntu Feisty Guide.  This guide is a wealth of information that I suggest that everybody read.  Here is what I had to do.  Open up a terminal and type the following commands:

asoundconf list

This will list the available sound cards.  Here is a list of the sound cards that are in my PC.

Names of available sound cards:

I then typed this command, you will need to substitute the "Audigy2" for the name of your sound card.

asoundconf set-default-card Audigy2

This sets the Audigy2 sound card as default.  You can confirm this by typing
alsamixer in the terminal and looking at the sound card displayed in the upper left corner.

I hope this helped.