Legal Information and Disclaimer

This page is necessary to protect myself.  I am not an attorney nor do I pretend to be an attorney.  I will lay the rules out here as simple as I can.  This is my website, and I do as I wish here.

All of the procedures I have on this site I have tested to work on my own computers.  I will not be held responsible for any damage and/or data loss done to another machine from using these procedures.  This means if you screw up or your computer is not functioning properly I am not responsible.  You can ask my advice, but don't blame me if you cannot implement the advice properly.  All opinions here are mine and mine alone unless otherwise noted.

Legal - All the material on this website was created by Robert C. Nelson unless otherwise noted.  Not reading this page does not constitute fault by me.  I have made this page available for all to read.  I will not give information on doing illegal activities such as software/music piracy or copyright infringement.  Don't email me for any hacks, cracks, warez, CD keys, information on hacking other systems, tips on acquiring wireless encryption keys, etc. as you will get ZERO information.   I am in no way affiliated with Ubuntu or Canonical (the creators of ubuntu), I am just another Ubuntu user.

Copyright - Use of this material is created by me for the purpose of reference.  You may use my website as a resource, but I insist that you footnote this website by link or through some bibliographical page.  All material here cannot be reproduced unless given permission to by Robert C. Nelson.   I do not authorize the information here on this to make others money by redistribution.  If you wish to use my site in a capitalistic venture you MUST contact me first.

Network - This is my network and I will decide what to do with it.  You as a user are free to download the tool and utilities that I have posted.  I reserve the right to ban anyone's IP address or domain whenever I choose.  If I suspect abuse to my network I will also ban your IP or domain permanently.  I do not tolerate spamming of any kind to this domain at all.

Privacy - This website will NEVER install any cookies or any type of malicious software on your system.  This website will never sell information of people that have visited this site.  I do use Google Ads on my site, but I am not responsible for the content of the site you visit when you click on a Google banner.

If you do not agree with the few items I have on this page then please leave and don't ever come back.