Unlock Network Manager Keyring at Login

Note:  With Ubuntu Hardy this procedure is no longer necessary.  Hardy already unlocks the keyring provided you do not change your login password after the keyring entry is created.

Have you ever wondered how to keep from entering your keyring password each time you boot your laptop up.  I will show you how.  The following procedure was taken from Aaron Lynch's website here.

When using Gnome's Network Manager all WPA passphrases and WEP keys for encrypted wireless connections are stored in the Keyring Manager.  In order to acess a particular encrypted wireless connection you must unlock the Keyring Manager.  This can be a nuiscance but there is a work around.

First off your login password must be the same as your keyring password.  If your keyring password and login password match then skip the next step.  If your keyring password and logon password are not the same then you will have to delete your old keyrings by doing the following:
-  Go to System--->Administration--->Keyring Manager
-  Highlight the keyring you wish to delete and go to Keyring--->Delete Keyring
-  Once this is done you will have to reselect your wireless access point and store the passphrase or key.
-  You will then be asked to create a keyring password, make sure it matches your login password.

Install the libpam-keyring package.  Enter the following in a terminal.

sudo apt-get -y install libpam-keyring

You will then need to edit the gdm text file

gksudo gedit /etc/pam.d/gdm

This will bring up the Gedit text editor.  Add the following line to the end of the file.

@include common-pamkeyring

Save the file and exit.  Next time you login you will not have to enter your password to unlock the keyring.

I hope this helped.