Speed up KDE Application Loading Under Gnome

Ever notice that KDE applications while using Gnome load very slowly?  The reason being that KDE uses different libraries than Gnome.  Gnome uses GTK+ libraries while KDE uses QT libraries.  By default Gnome does not load the QT libraries.  Simply using a GTK+ based application is unacceptable.  K3B, K9Copy, Gwenview are a few of the great applications that were written for KDE.  To load the KDE libraries simply type kdeinit in a terminal window.  Now this is not a good solution so we will have the KDE libraries load at startup.  To do that follow the procedure below.

You will now have an entry called KDE Library Loading.  Make sure there is a check mark in the box next to it.  Next time you start up Ubuntu your KDE applications will load as fast as your Gnome applications.

I hope this helps.