Karmc / Jaunty / Intrepid / Hardy Application Install Scripts

I have taken the liberty of putting together a script that will install what I feel are the best apps for a fresh Ubuntu install.  Some of the applications are for KDE but work on Gnome with no problem.  Refer to my section on speeding up loading of KDE applications under Gnome here.

Make sure to have you have the main, universe, multiverse, and restricted repositories enabled.  You can enable these by going to System
--->Administration---> Software Sources and checking all the boxes under the Ubuntu Software tab.

To enable the backport repositories do the following:
System--->Administration---> Software Sources and checking Unsupported updates under the Updates tab.

If they were disabled make sure you update the list by doing the following in a terminal:

sudo apt-get update

Download the script for your appropriate distribution.  I have now included a 64 bit version of the script for Hardy Heron
Edgy Eft (Repositories Removed)
Feisty Fawn (Repositories Removed)

Gutsy Gibbon (Repositories Removed)
Hardy Heron
Hardy Heron 64 bit
Intrepid Ibex
Intrepid Ibex 64 bit
Jaunty Jackelope
Jaunty Jackelope 64 bit
Karmic Koala
Karmic Koala 64 bit

Once the script is downloaded to you will need to change the permissions to 755.  To do this type the following in a terminal:

chmod 755 /<path to script>/<script_name>.sh

Please feel free to modify the script as you see fit.  You may not want all the applications installed.  Remember, if you modify the script I cannot be held responsible for it not working anymore.  Best method to modify the script is to just comment out the unwanted lines via use of '#'.

Once that is done execute the script by typing the following in a terminal:

sudo /<path to script>/<script_name>.sh

This will begin the installation process.  It can take about 15 to 20 minutes depending upon the speed of your connection.  I have timed it on my 5Mb/s cable connection.

: This script has been tested with Ubuntu distributions ONLY.  I cannot guarantee that it will work for any other Linux distribution.

Here is a list of the programs/utilities that this script will install:

Some of the items are optional, if you want to install them then you will need to remove the comments (#) from the script lines that are needed.

Feel free to modify the script to suit your needs.

Note:  For some reason certain machines the ~/.kde folder in your home folder become owned by root.  This will not allow KDE apps to run properly (i.e. KTorrent, K3B, etc.) when using regular accounts.  I have run across this only once.  Other users of the script have reported this as well.  If your KDE apps will not run then do the following in a terminal:

sudo chown -R $USER:$USER ~/.kde
chmod -R 755 ~/.kde

This resloves the problem and you should be able to run your KDE apps.  The $USER denotes the user currently logged in.