Update / Install OpenOffice.org 2.4 in Ubuntu

Note:  Ubuntu Gutsy comes with Openoffice 2.4 already installed.  It has been reported that the Openoffice.org that you get from Openoffice.org website has more features than the one Ubuntu installs.

So you want to upgrade your OpenOffice.org to the latest (Version 2.4 as of this writing) for Ubuntu?  Ubuntu comes pre-installed with Version 2.0 for Edgy Version 2.2 for Feisty and Version 2.3 for Gutsy.  The new Hardy has OpenOffice 2.4 preinstalled.  The newer 2.4 version is faster and has better compatibility for Microsoft Office files.  You will need to go to www.openoffice.org website and downlaod the latest installation.  Once you download the installation you will notice that it is a .tar.gz.  Here is a procedure to get the new OpenOffice.org installed on Ubuntu.

The new Openoffice.org 2.4 now comes in .deb installation files.  The older installations used the .rpm files which needed to be converted using Alien.

I have a script that automates the process for Edgy, Feisty and Gutsy.  
Go my tools page here to get the installation script.  The script DOES NOT install a JRE so you will need to make sure a JRE is installed.

f you wish to go through the steps for yourself then follow on.  This procedure assumes you have a working internet connection.

You are now ready to enjoy the latest version of OpenOffice.  You will notice that it opens faster and has better compatibility with MS Office files.  For all the latest updates to OpenOffice.org visit their website.

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