Firefox Extensions I use

I have made a list of some really cool must have Firefox add-ons.  As you know you can extend Firefox's capability with the use of extensions or add-ons.  I have a few personal favorites that I just have to have.  This is my opinion and your may differ.  WIth all the goodies that Firefox has why would you ever want to use IE?  To get the add-on extension click on the links below.

- Hides all your web surfing trails on your computer.  WIll not write cookies or cache to the hard drive but instead to RAM.

ShowIP - Shows IP address of the current webpage you are browsing.

Duplicate Tab - Ever wanted to duplicate what you have in a tab.  This is just the ticket.

External IP - Shows the IP address assigned to you by your ISP.

Linkification - Converts text links to clickable links, very useful in forums.

Stealther - Hide all trails of your web surfing on the computer you are using.  Much more effective than Distrust.

Stumbleupon - Allows you to log in and do other Stumbleupon duties.  Stumbleupon is a great way to get users feedback on websites.

Ubuntu Forums Menu - Creates a menu in Firefox that gives you excellent access to the greatest Ubuntu forum on the internet.

IE Tab (WIndows only) - Uses the IE engine for webpage rendering in Firefox.  You will never have to use IE ever again.

As I discover more great extensions I will list them here.  To get more extensions please visit Mozilla website.