Install Latest DeVeDe in Ubuntu

This procedure is intended for Ubuntu Feisty Fawn.  Ubuntu Hardy has the latest Devede in it's repositories.

Do you have some .avi, .mpg, .wmv, or other video files that you want to transfer to DVD.  Ubuntu has a software package called DeVeDe.  DeVeDe is capable of recoding video files into DVD video format for watching them on your home set top DVD player.

Instructions on using DeVeDe can be found here.

The latest DeVeDe is version 3.6 as of this writing.  Simply downloading the .deb file and installing will not result in waht you want.  There is a bug in the Mencoder package but the newer package has fixed the problem.

To install the latest DeVeDe follow these instructions.  This procedure will work with Feisty and Gutsy.

1.  Download the updated Mencoder here.  Select open with GDebi Package Installer.
2.  Download version 3.6 of DeVeDe here.  Once again s
elect open with GDebi Package Installer.

DeVeDe will be in Applications--->Sound & Video--->DeVeDe

I hope this helps.