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Monday November 3, 2008  People that back into a parking spot

Ok, I have been needing to vent about this.  I get so irritated about people who feel the need to back into a parking spot.  I hate it when I am at the mall or something driving through the parking lot and some guy needs to make a sudden stop, throw it in reverse, and take the next minute and a half backing into his parking spot.  I actually nearly got into a confrontation with someone that went past an open spot.  I pulled in and I guess he was going to back in to the spot.  he got out to tell me I took his spot.  I said you drove by it.  I think he was considering getting violent with me, but since he was a good deal older than me he changed his mind.  That was probably a smart move.  After the J.O. left I then moved to another spot thinking he was of the mentality that he would key my SUV after I went into the store.

I have noticed the overwhelming majority of people that back into their parking spots are in these categories.

1.  Exotic car owners i.e. Lexus/Benz/BMW/Vette or something of that caliber compensating for other shortcomings..
2.  Young disciples of Fast & Furious.  They typically drive some POS rusty 1994 Honda with a HUGE fart can exhaust tailpipe and think it is the coolest thing on the road.
3.  Blue collar union folks.

I guess these folks want everybody to think they are too cool because they are proficient at using the reverse gear.  You then get these folks telling you how much safer it is to back into a parking spot.  While there is some logic on heading out of a parking spot, there is a risk of bumping the car behind and on the side of you.  Believe me I have seen many a super cool guy back into the car behind him while backing into his parking spot.  I have then seen that person leave the spot and go to another spot thinking no one else is looking.  I have also heard that it is common practice in Europe to back in to a parking spot.  Well, the US is not Europe.  It fascinates me that people in the US hold the mannerisms of Europeans in such high regard.  I can say with a certain degree of assuredness that backing in a tiny Euro econo box is way easier that backing a near 20 foot SUV or pickup.

I guess some people think the front of their car is so much cooler that the back.  Now I am all for baking in when you need to unload cargo from a truck or van.

Wednesday August 13, 2008  Guest Blog about NFL on FOX

I know it has been a LONG time since I updated this blog, but here is another guest entry from my good friend Lee Hiliard.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!! I have made a decision not to watch any sort of NFL pregame show during the 2008 season.  Save for Frank Caliendo’s bits on the FOX pregame show. Frank’s an extremely talented impersonator. And if you don’t know who Frank Caliendo, WHAT FUCKING ROCK HAVE YOU BEEN LIVING UNDER???
Frank is tops in my book because he’s drawn the ire of Jim Rome.  What do I have against Jim Rome you ask, well, he belongs to that special subset of television personalities called “sports reporters” To me sports reporters are lower than even New York cab drivers and used car salesmen. At least those two vocations contribute something positive to society.  Unlike sports reporters who “ANALYZE” & “BREAK DOWN” some football retirees first crap at the NY Jets training camp, they move people from place to place and sell transportation to people.

This is by no means one sided, some athletes themselves create drama by becoming involved in stupid crap.  I don’t give a fuck about how some dumb football player keeps track of his prescription medication.  And for every athlete that carries a gun, hire a fucking bodyguard if you’re that worried for your safety.  God knows you’re paid enough money to procure the services of one.  And if you must still carry a gun, do the smart fucking thing and obtain a concealed carry permit.  If you can read a playbook, you can read the test they give.  Reading this, do you believe I give a fuck about how you paid some Phillipine hooker money so you could defecate on her, NO!!!! HELL NO!!!
Are you proud of this accomplishment?  Athletes don’t want to be role models these days, fine, I don’t need to know your carnal appetites either.

Finally there is the uber die hard fan.  You know who you are, the one who listens to sports talk radio all day long.  Don’t call in bitching about some trade or move your favorite sports franchise made or didn’t make.  Don’t bitch about some call or decision the coach/manager/ whoever made.  Did the general manager ask for your resume the last time they were on the hunt for the last guys replacement?  Fuck NO!!!  To use a sports cliché, Monday moring quarterbacking does you no good!!!! Finally if you feel you must grace everyone with your opinion about something, please keep the topic timely.  Don’t wait four fucking weeks to get something off your chest.  Don’t you have a life?????

Don’t get me wrong.  I like to watch baseball.  And generally my ass is planted on the couch during football season.  However all of the above named people make too much of so little instead of focusing on what matters, what happened on the field for the allotted period of time.

Sunday May 21, 2007  Guest Blog About NASCAR

I have a very special guest blog from my buddy Lee.  He has been wanting to rant so I said I will post it for you.  With no further delay here it is.

Greetings, my good friend Bob has let me grace his web page with a blog of my own. His only rules were not to call him a Turk, some slimy POS or any of some hundreds of other colorful phrases. I'll save all of those for when I see him in person. With that being said, I'd like to get something off my chest. The shameless exploitation of NASCAR's drivers. At first a few years ago, I'd only see what I am talking about during a race or some kind of news show. Now I see this during non-racing shows. I am talking about these drivers showing up everywhere they go in their driver’s suits. I mean come on, does Tony Stewart or Kasey Kahne really go to the grocery store or Tibet in their driver's suits?  At least Budweiser and Wrangler have enough sense to know that Dale Earnhardt Jr. doesn't live in his Nomex. He goes to the store to pick up a six pack of Bud in his wrangler jeans while driving his Chevrolet. That I can believe. What I can't believe is Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Terry Labonte hanging out in Ditech's conference room in their drivers suits talking about mortgages. This all stems from the shameless plug we’ve seen these drivers doing in the post race interview. It goes something like this; Well, you know the Hardee's, Goodyear, Valvoline, Reese’s, Tide, Sunoco, Viagra, Vagisil, Tylenol, Crane Cams, Chevrolet Monte Carlo ran really good today. I'd like to thank, my crew, my sponsors, my mom and dad, my brother, my sister, my third grade teachers brother’s mechanic for everything here today. This whole idea has gotten out of hand, and I call upon the driver’s themselves to put their Red Wing shoe’d feet down and demand that they spend their breath telling it like it is, how that sumbitch put me into the wall and I’m gonna get him next week at Atlanta rather than rattling off everybody and his brothers sponsors.

This blog was brought to you by, Hey Man!!, What’s up man?!?!?!, BITCH!!! and the Hardee’s, Goodyear, Valvoline, Reese’s, Tide, Sunoco, Viagra, Vagisil, Tylenol, Crane Cams, Chevrolet Monte Carlo

Wednesday May 9, 2007  MLB Banning Alcohol in the Clubhouse

    This is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life.  I am a lifelong Cardinals fan and feel for the family and friends Josh Hancock.  He was a valued member of the team and from what I have read friend to a huge group of fellow teammates.  Josh Hancock made a decision to drink to the point of near double the limit of being drunk and then got behind the wheel of a car.  It was a terrible decision in which Josh Hancock paid the ultimate price.  We can all be thankful that no one else was injured of killed as a result of his decision.

Now to the real idiocy.  The Cardinals and other MLB teams have decided to ban drinking in the clubhouse after a game.  Did they not read the same report as the rest of the country?  Josh Hancock drank too much alcohol at a local bar, NOT the clubhouse.  He was reported as completely sober when he left the clubhouse after the game against the Cardinals-Cubs that night.  So what does banning a celebratory beer going to do?  NOTHING!!!!  Players are still going to drink, some of them in a irresponsible fashion.  Banning beer in teh clubhouse is like telling a junkie that they cannot shoot up at their place of work.  They are going to go somewhere else.  What about the fans?  Do you think the MLB teams are going to ban alcohol sales at the ball park during games?  FUCK NO.  That is part of the immense revenue that MLB teams get over the course of a season.  If MLB was so concerned with drunk driving they would not allow beer in the stands.  Just goes to show you that the almighty $$$$$$ are king in our society.  This trend needs to be snuffed out as it is absolutely ridiculous.

What of the local taverns around MLB stadiums, are they going to stop serving alcohol after games?  NO!!!  Another example that $$$$ rules.  What about post-season celebration?  I think it is fantastic when the team that wins a huge series (especially my Cardinals winning the World Series in 2006) by having a beer/champagne celebration.  Granted most of the beer and bubbly ends up on the floor, it is still a great tradition that should be here until the end of time.

Another side note.  Josh Hancock was also found to have a small bag of marijuana in his posession at the time of his death.  Now the do-gooders in the media and such are making him out to be such a bad person and that he was some no good dope smoking addict.  What has our society come to when it is OK to go out and get shit faced on booze but zero tolerance when somebody smokes a joint?  I am not an advocate of smoking marijuana as I don't do it, but in my opinion it should legalized.  Mind you I am not talking of legalizing cocaine, heroine, opium, crack, etc., just marijuana.  Why not, alcohol is legal.  It would put the majority of drug pushers out of business.  Last time I checked alcohol was responsible for far more deaths than marijuana in this country.  Cigarettes are legal as well and they kill millions as well.

Tuesday May 8, 2007  Chicago Cubs fans

    You have to love Cub fans.  They quite possibly are the most loyal creatures on the earth.  Who else would root for a team that has not won a championship since 1908?  I love their attitude, if they are in first place in May or June you may as well just hand them the World Series trophy.  Myself being a Cardinals fan have to deal with them everytime I go to Busch Stadium when the Cubs come to town.  They tell us how much better they are, (????????) and how great it is to be a Cub fan (????????), and how much the Cardinals suck.  Let me see first place World Series winner vs. last place Cubs.  The logic is sound in their eyes.  Yes, the Cubs have been a better team when they play the Cardinals.  If they could somehow harness that for the other 145 games they may actually win something.  You figure that in the 97 years from 1908 to now they would have won the World Series by dumb luck.  Also to blame Steve Bartmann in 2003 is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous.  What about ALL the hits the Cub pitchers gave up after that unfortunate foul ball incident?  Bartmann was not even there for game 7.  Steve Bartmann cannot even go out in public anymore because of what the fans have done to him.  Hey I was rooting for the Cubs in 2003.  I wanted them to get off the schnide so they would stop being the lovable losers they are.  Is the Cub balance so fragile that a foul ball can tip the scales in the favor of the other team?  Do you know the Cubs have yet to win a World Series in their new stadium?  News flash Cub fans, Ron Santo does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.  This is not a knock on him, but eh HoF is for the elite players.  I have never met Ron Santo, but from what I hear he is a very nice person.  If the HoF is changed to the Hall of Nice People then Ron Santo is in.  Until that day only the elite players should be allowed in.  Yes there are players in there that should probably not be, but that is not my decision.

The only thing the Cubs have going for them is that they are not from New York or Boston.

Sunday April 22, 2007 ESPN and the Yankees/Red Sox

    I am so unbelievably sick of ESPN and their insane love fetish with the Yankees and the Red Sox.  The folks at ESPN believe that everone in the US is either a Yankees or Red Sox fan, just ask them.  When Boston beat my beloved Cardinals in 2004 you would have thought that the second coming just happened.  When my Cardinals won it all in 2006 that was just an anomoly to ESPN.  A World Series without either the Yankees or the Red Sox is simply invalid.  Correct?  Take the ESPN broadcast of NY and Boston tonight.  ESPN went through every detail of the game until my stomach turned.  ESPN even broke down the game on Sports Center.  Hey ESPN, there are 28 other MLB teams.  Take the no-hitter thrown by the White Sox Mark Buehrle.  All  ESPN could talk about was the upcoming Yankees/Red Sox series this weekend instead of the no-hitter.  Please, enough.  I realize there is an East Coast bias, but this is ridiculous.  ESPN needs to realize that not too many foks outside or Boston or New York even care.  This is all compounded by ESPN having Peter Gammons on the staff.  If I want any Cardinals (defending WS champions)  coverage I need to watch local broadcasts.

Sunday April 1, 2007 Worst Movie EVER

The Bros.

    I recently had the unenviable pleasure of watching the worst ever movie.  The movie is titled "The Bros".  The Bros. has displaced my least favorite movie of all time "The Island of Dr. Moreau", it is now the #1 worst on my list.  While I only was able to stomach about 40 minutes of it, but I was able to deduce this much of the plot.

Lanny and Pete are two white "wannabe" guys trying to break into the gangster rap scene.  Everybody knows that the gangster rap scene is completely dominated my black men (ones with good street "cred").  Lanny and Pete are determined to do it.  They have a slick slimy agent tell them he can get them a studio sessions to cut a CD for a mere $10,000.  Lanny and Pete are two complete losers living at home with no money.  They intend to make their money the street way by breaking into cars at the local mall in white suburbia.  Along they way they get arrested to increase their street cred.  A little after that I turned the movie off.  The DVD would make a nice drink coaster on the coffee table.

All in all the premise of the movie had potential to be very funny.  Bad thing is that the two main characters Lanny (John Tindall) and Pete (Joachim Wiese) can't act to save their lives.  All of the terribleness of the movie is compounded by that the video quality looks as though the movie was shot with an el-cheapo garage sale VHS camcorder.  All I can say is this movie SUCKS.  Don't waste your time or money seeing it.  I was given my copy for free so I did not have to spend money on this POS.

There is a reason that a great many have never heard of this movie or the leading actors.

Tuesday March 27, 2007  Dell to offer Ubuntu as an OS Option

    In an article here Dell has announced it will offer Linux (Ubuntu looks to be the overwhelming choice) as an OS choice.  All I say is, about time.  Why should we be FORCED to buy M$ OS when we buy a new PC.  Should we not have a choice?  When ordering a laptop or desktop Dell, Gateway, HP, Acer, etc. give you a choice about everything else, why not OS.  NO, the only choice is either Vista Home or an upgrade to Vista Premium.  Also the corresponding laptop or desktop with Linux should be cheaper than the corresponding laptop of desktop with Windows installed.  I am going to gather that Dell will not have to pay for Ubuntu at all.  They would just have to make any source code available if they modify it.

Another great thing that can come about from this is DRIVERS and HARDWARE.  Dell will use hardware that is Linux friendly and this will have a trickle down effect to hardware manufacturers and the people that write drivers.  just think, no more crappy WinModems and Broadcom will write Linux drivers for their wireless cards.

I think Dell should take it one step further and offer laptops and desktops with no OS.  Lest face it, a person that wants Linux will probably want to install it themselves.  This should come with an even lower price tag.

I can hear it now all the M$ loving Linux bashers.  They will preach that people will buy the desktops and laptops with no OS and then use bootleg copies of M$ Windows on them.  That is so lame.

M$ will see this as a huge threat and throw their weight around saying, "Microsoft won't sell Dell anymore Vista licenses at huge discounts until they are Microsoft only".  The waves of change are upon us.  I hope Dell will follow through with this.

The only negative I can think of this is will we see pre-installed Linux distros with tons of crappy Lite software or a crap load of trial versions?  I certainly hope not.

Tuesday March 27, 2007 Microsoft Licensing BS

    The more and more I think about it the more it pi$$es me off.  I was a devoted Microsoft Windows user for many years until Linux matured enough to replace Windows.  I detest the fact that if I spend $180 on a copy of Windows XP that I can only use it on ONE freaking computer I own!!!  I know I am in the minority, but I own four computers.  I should be able to put Windows XP on all four on my PCs.  I cannot use all four of them simultaneously.  How would you like it if you bought a CD or DVD and Sony, RCA, whoever said you can only play that CD or DVD in one player?  You would tell them to F.O.  Right?  Well M$ has been doing this for a long time and we have just accepted it.  Also the WPA crap on  Windows will sound off if you r PC dies and you re-install Windows on your NEW PC.  Thankfully there is the open source community.  I can install Ubuntu on as many PCs as I want and it is just fine with Ubuntu.  The only stipulation is that if I modify the source code I must make it available to everyone who asks me.

Tuesday March 27, 2007 Linux is the Future

    The more I use Ubuntu the more I love it.  I find myself using Windows less and less.  Here are the occasions I still use Windows for:
Outside of gaming I don't see a need to even use Windows anymore.  Everything I used to do Windows I can now do with Ubuntu.  People bitch and say how hard it is to do things in Linux, WAHHHH.  It is not really harder, it is just different.  Heaven forbid if we must stretch our brains a little bit.  Anyone with average intelligence can learn to use the OS effectively.

Also, you don't need to get a Pro, Home, Basic, or Enterprise version.  Just use the package manager to install the applications you need.

Monday March 26, 2007 AOL is the Worst

    I get sick of AOL users.  They are the reasons that viruses and spyware get circulated.  They click on anything   Lets talk about the software that AOL users install.  AOL 9.0 or whatever version AOL is using now is the worst system hijacking POS I have ever seen, worse than Norton System Works.  It basically transforms Windows XP into AOL XP.  Any software that requires an administrator account is BAD, especially software that deals with internet access.   I am sure it is not much better on Vista.  I have friends that use AOL (for whatever reason I don't know) and all they use it for is complete BS.  Did you know that 85% of AOL users don't even use AOL to access internet information?  What do they do you say?  They sit around and instant message each other.  I guess they don't realize that AIM, Yahoo IM, MSN IM, etc. are FREE (USE gaim please people) and all you need is an internet connection.  They don't realize you can get cheap dialup ($10 a month) and download IM clients.  I don't know about you, but most of the SPAM I get has an in the SPAM address.  I am no SPAM expert, but since AOL email are the biggest receivers of SPAM it would make sense that the spammers would use fake AOL accounts to email SPAM to AOL users.  Remember, AOL users will click on anything, especially a link that says something about sexy women who want to meet you.