Update ALSA driver for Ubuntu for Intel HDA

There are a great many sound cards out there.  The soundcard in some laptops like the Intel HDA cards can have issues in Ubuntu.  What is needed is to update and add more functionality to the ALSA driver.

What usually happens is that the user gets no sound, very quiet sound, or sound randomly works.  Even boot up time can be affected

I have tried this procedure on an ICH7 HDA Intel equipped Toshiba laptop and it worked.  This procedure was gotten from the Ubuntu Help Website here.   What I have done is to make a script to automate the process.  Typing in all those commands can be very cumbersome.   If you prefer to do everything by hand then do so.  If not then proceed.

Download the ALSA driver update script here.  This script installs the latest ALSA drivers from ALSA website.

What this script does is:

- Download the ALSA modules
- Compile the modules
- Change your  /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base file
- Remove the installer files
- Reboot the PC

After downloading the script you will need to do the following to the script:

- Change the permission of the script to make it executable.  To make the script executable type the following in a terminal:
chmod 755 ~/alsa_setup.sh
        This command assumes you downloaded the script in your /home folder

- Run the script as root
sudo ~/alsa_setup.sh

After you execute the script your soundcard should now work.

I hope this helps.